Thursday, September 30, 2010

Should I Call Him

I've been a little busy with work the last couple of days to write my blog, so I need to back track a little bit. So it's Tuesday, around supper time, and I'm sitting there with Marcelo's number in hand. Do I call? God, I'm so nervous, I have butterflies. Generally I follow the rule that the man is supposed to make the first call. I don't mind initiating the flirting or the exchanging of numbers, but I think the man should make the first move to call. Seeing as though I don't quite remember getting Marcelo's number, means I don't remember giving him mine, so now "the call" is on me if I want to see him again.

So here it goes, butterflies and all I pick up the phone. I start to dial the numbers and then put the phone to my ear..........nothing.
I hear nothing, no ringing.
"Hello?" My hearts pounding
"Hello, Marie?"
"Ya, hi, who's this?'
"It's Dave, from the other night, how are you?"

Shit, all that courage I'd built up, but happy (I guess) that Dave called. We talked for about 20 mins, very easy conversation with lots of laughing. I still couldn't help but have Marcelo in the back of my mind while talking to Dave. I did quite enjoy talking to him though, enough so that we made a date for Saturday night. We made a plan for him to pick me up here, dinner and then bowling, an original first date for me but sounds like a good time. Plans made, we hang up and now I'm staring at Marcelo's number again.

I have the courage again and phone Marcelo. Brief but okay conversation, not nearly as easy as the one I had just had with Dave. I felt like I was grasping at things to talk about, and that his attention was elsewhere. I was kind of relieved when the call had ended, but we now had plans to go out on a date Thursday night. I hope the conversation is a little better when we are face to face or it's going to make for a very long date!

To Be Or Not To Be - A Nurse

I have a love hate relationship with my job. I am a registered nurse working the emergency department of a very busy teaching hospital. I rarely get breaks, I'm run off my feet most days and that is how I like it, makes the shift go by quicker. I thrive in chaos (as you will be able to tell from my personal life), and am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. But every once in a while I get to the point where I don't think I can go in another day - and keep my sanity.

I have just gotten off my fourth night shift in a row, and thank God I am off now for 5 days. My last two shifts were probably some of the worst shifts I have ever worked. We were short staffed (as per usual) and the place was a zoo. I don't think I have ever seen so many traumas in such a short time span, and unfortunately our success rate wasn't high. Right now, I feel drained, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Myself and my team failed, not at a game but with peoples lives, this has to be one of the worst feelings I have ever felt. I got into this profession to help people, and these last few days I feel like I entered the wrong profession.

I think one of the worst parts of my job is being underappreciated. People are extremely hard to please, and very unwilling to see beyond their own circumstance. I will get belittled and scolded by a patient and their family for not answering their request for water sooner, but the reason I didn't was because I was preforming CPR on a young mother as her husband and children watched on, saying prayers for her life. Talk about being unfair. And these days the words "thank you" come very rarely.

BUT, there are some pretty amazing things about being a nurse. I love meeting new people, seeing new things. And there is always that saving a life thing, yeah that feels pretty good! But really what it is, is that one person that you meet, that you can help, that touches a part of your soul. I have people that I have nursed and I will never forget them. I like being able to provide comfort to someone in a seemingly helpless situation, and seeing a positive outcome. It doesn't always take much to comfort somebody, a kind word, a friendly smile, a hug, or it could just be listening to someone and really hearing them. And when I hear the words thank you, and see that that they truly do mean it, it makes all the crappy parts of my job worth it. I think people need to start looking beyond themselves and start having a little more understanding and compassion for the people that they are sharing this world with.

So yes I have had a rough couple shifts, but just sitting down to write this makes me realize how much I really love being a nurse. I know that I have entered the profession suited for me. I will take these few days to recharge and look forward to my next chaotic, hectic day in the ER.

Monday, September 27, 2010

He's Got The Moves

OMG, I am so hungover from Saturday night. It was my girlfriend Michelle's bachelorette party.  The old saying "liquor before beer your in the clear" did not hold true for me. I do have to say it was alot of fun, even though the last 2 hours of the night are a complete blur. I am pretty sure that bachelor/bachelorette parties are more for the friends than they are the people getting married.

We started off our fun filled evening with pole dancing lessons. I was a little embarrassed at first, but after a couple drinks I really got into the mood of things. It surprisingly is a really good work out, I am feeling muscles I never knew I had. But seriously, it was an awesome time and I felt kinda sexy doing some of those moves. I will have to keep those moves in my memory bank and break them out one night I might even have to invest in a pole. I can see how going to those lessons could really spark up your sex life.

After our pole dancing we went out for a late dinner, which was a little rowdy but alot of fun. Then we were on to the pub crawling, ending up at the busiest bar in town. I didn't feel quite so old that night, but honestly was feeling too good to give a shit. The place was crawling with hot guys. I like watching guys dance, I have a theory that if a guy is a good dancer than he must be really good in bed. That being said, you know what it means if you can't keep your rhythm on the dance floor. Dancing can make or break the guy, and I know alot of girls that feel that way. Sorry fella's, better brush up on your dance moves before you hit the club scene again!

So I am dancing away, and I notice this guy dancing. He is hot, I mean seriously hot, belongs in a magazine hot! And that boy has got the moves, and we all know what that means. My girlfriends were all talking about how hot he was and egging me on to go talk to him, and me having a little liquid courage, I walked right up and started hitting on him. We danced and talked. He was dark, and a nice body that was so muscular ( but not that over sized on juice muscular), and he had a bit of a spanish accent ( I'm a sucker for accents). Next thing you know I'm making out with this guy in the middle of the bar like I'm 14. Next thing I remember, my girlfriends are throwing me into a cab saying I am going home with them tonight. I didn't even give the guy my number, shit.

I wake up in the morning on my couch to the song "sweet caroline" blaring from my neighbors apartment. I can barely open my eyes due to the pounding headache I have. I do a quick inventory of myself - I'm alone, I am only wearing underwear and a bra, and I'm on the couch covered not by a blanket but by my winter coat?! How does this stuff happen to me? Then I see it. The name Marcelo and a number written on my arm. I did get his number! My day is starting to look up, now if I could just get off the couch.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do Looks Really Matter?

Friday! I LOVE Friday's! This is my first Friday off in 3 weeks and I feel like celebrating! I start off by heading out for a little retail therapy. Then it's off to spend the afternoon on a patio drinking Corona's with my girls, followed by a night out dancing the night away.

While sitting out at the patio I notice this guy noticing me. We keep making eye contact, and eventually he comes over to talk to me. He seems like a nice guy, and he's making me laugh which is a huge bonus (I like funny guys). It turns out he is a pharmaceutical rep, so we have a little bit in common with medical stuff. I can't help but notice him playing with his keys, which belong to a BMW, so that's a check. AND he's tall and has a nice body, BUT he's not that good looking. So here's my dilemma, first impressions are good and he gets a check in most of the boxes but the looks department. So where do I go from here? Our supper comes and "Dave" goes back to his friends. After we are done eating we decide to go back to Vikki's apartment to drink and get ready for our night out. I look over and Dave's friends are there and no Dave so we take off.

We are out at the club (I'm feeling pretty good) having an awesome time dancing and I feel a hand on my back, look up and it's Dave. I go over to the bar with him and we talk and he buys me a drink. He seems like a super nice guy and I think he must be "feeling good" too because he keeps touching me. The night comes to an end and he asks for my number and I give it to him. What I really want to do is invite him back to my place but my friend Becky is staying there and it's not a good idea tonight. I say goodnight to him and he gives me a kiss, which I give back. Becky and I walk home talking about the night, and of course Dave. I am pretty pumped at this point and hope he phones me.

Saturday morning I wake up and start remembering the day before. I can't quite recall what Dave looks like. Becky and I head out for some coffee and breakfast. I have to get her opinion on Dave, she says he was "alright". So now I'm worried, was this great guy not so great? Do my friends opinions matter that much? I am completely torn between wanting him to call and not wanting him to call. Wow, self realization that I could be a really shallow person. Do looks really matter? I decide I would rather him phone than not, so now I play the infamous waiting game.

Do Cheesy Pick Up Lines Really Work?

Thursday night a couple of girls from work and myself decide to go out to a local pub. The pub was pretty crowded, mostly with university students, making me feel super old and a little self conscious. We grab our beer and push our way through the crowd looking for a spot to stand, and we luck out as a bunch of people were leaving a table, so we scooped that up.

The other girls I was with are quite attractive, so as a group we tend to attract our fair amount of male attention. We also all look a little different, so we are a variety pack. Me, I play the petite blonde in the group. We were approached by a few different groups of guys, chatted for a brief while and went back to our girl chat. I like hanging out with the girls, the no pressure to please, makes it very easy to have a good time.

The night was drawing to an end, most of the people in the bar were pretty sloppy at this point. We leave to grab a little street meat before heading home, and as per usual there are several groups outside hanging around. A group of semi attractive  guys come up and start with pick up lines. For me a super big turn off, it's ok if your being funny trying to break the ice but this one guy was totally serious and it was just one cheesy line after another. It was a big turn off for me and it ruined it for all his friends. My girlfriend Kelley though was giggling away like a school girl. Kelley is a very pretty girl and has no problem in the men department, so why was she going for this? In the end she gave him her number and was arranging a time to go out with him.

This leaves me with the question - do cheesy pick up lines really work?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Run In With The EX

So its a Tuesday night. My friend Derek (who's gay) calls me up and wants to go to the movies. I just got off a stretch of nights. I'm sleep deprived and feeling like shit, but I say yes as I'd rather be out than home alone, again.

So I grab a quick shower, throw on my best pair of granny panties (ok, I need to do laundry), old jeans and my fav sweater from university (you know the one with the holes in it). I throw my hair up into a ponytail and the only makeup I put on is mascara (only because my eyelashes are so blonde it doesn't look like I have any).

Derek and I are in the line for tickets when I look ahead and see my ex (lets call him "Dick" because that is what he is). See Dick and I dated for 16 months, lived together for 5, until one day I come home and all his stuff (and half the furniture) is gone. He just wasn't "ready" for a serious commitment, would have been nice if he had just told me that instead of pulling the disappearing act. I come to find out 3 weeks later he is dating someone new.

So Dick hasn't seen me yet (thank God!), and he's by himself. I move to the other side of Derek trying to avoid being seen, especially since I'm looking so hot. Why is it you always run into an ex when you look like shit, why couldn't I have been looking smoking hot with a hot man on my arm and leave him thinking about what he's missing out on. He sees me (Fuck!), and comes over to say hi. Then up runs miss america, gives him a quick hug and kiss and apologizes for being late. Dick looks uncomfortable as he introduces us, and she is overly nice, or should I say fake. She runs her hand through her long dark hair and then I see it, the sparkle of a HUGE ring, on "that" finger. I momentarily think that should have been mine. Thankfully the line moves and they excuse themselves and walk away hand in hand.

I suddenly don't feel in the mood for a movie. Derek senses this and we leave to go for some ice cream therapy (followed by wine) instead. FML!

The Beginning Of A Girl's Dating Diary

So here I am, sitting down to write about my love life, or lack there of. I'm ready to open up and put it all out there for everyone to see, hopefully you can take something from it, if even just to have a laugh.

First of all I want you to know I am not a "blogger", in fact this is the first blog I've ever written. I am a 28 year old nurse living in Canada. My friends have encouraged me to do this as I have the worst and best dating stories, and I'm sure there are a ton of people out there that can relate. I plan on sharing my dating life with you as it unfolds.

As of right now I am very single and available. At this point in my life I had pictured myself to at least be married, if not with a couple of kids. My friends are split, saying that half of them are married starting families and the other half are single and dating. I do enjoy being single and the freedom that comes with it. I also enjoy men....alot!  I love dating, the anticipation, the butterflies, and the getting to know somebody. But I miss the comforts of a relationship, the companionship, the reliability, and just having someone there to share things with, good or bad. I am ready to find my "Mr. Right", thus begins my public quest for love.