Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Run In With The EX

So its a Tuesday night. My friend Derek (who's gay) calls me up and wants to go to the movies. I just got off a stretch of nights. I'm sleep deprived and feeling like shit, but I say yes as I'd rather be out than home alone, again.

So I grab a quick shower, throw on my best pair of granny panties (ok, I need to do laundry), old jeans and my fav sweater from university (you know the one with the holes in it). I throw my hair up into a ponytail and the only makeup I put on is mascara (only because my eyelashes are so blonde it doesn't look like I have any).

Derek and I are in the line for tickets when I look ahead and see my ex (lets call him "Dick" because that is what he is). See Dick and I dated for 16 months, lived together for 5, until one day I come home and all his stuff (and half the furniture) is gone. He just wasn't "ready" for a serious commitment, would have been nice if he had just told me that instead of pulling the disappearing act. I come to find out 3 weeks later he is dating someone new.

So Dick hasn't seen me yet (thank God!), and he's by himself. I move to the other side of Derek trying to avoid being seen, especially since I'm looking so hot. Why is it you always run into an ex when you look like shit, why couldn't I have been looking smoking hot with a hot man on my arm and leave him thinking about what he's missing out on. He sees me (Fuck!), and comes over to say hi. Then up runs miss america, gives him a quick hug and kiss and apologizes for being late. Dick looks uncomfortable as he introduces us, and she is overly nice, or should I say fake. She runs her hand through her long dark hair and then I see it, the sparkle of a HUGE ring, on "that" finger. I momentarily think that should have been mine. Thankfully the line moves and they excuse themselves and walk away hand in hand.

I suddenly don't feel in the mood for a movie. Derek senses this and we leave to go for some ice cream therapy (followed by wine) instead. FML!

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  1. ... nice style, but you should put more details in, ... like what you see that moment before you recognice him, example: the oversized poster of the new Spiderman film or what ever. Give the readers a better chance to see with your eyes. Your feelings you show up in a nice way.

    Greetings from the Philippines

    Author of children books ;)in German not English ...