Thursday, September 30, 2010

Should I Call Him

I've been a little busy with work the last couple of days to write my blog, so I need to back track a little bit. So it's Tuesday, around supper time, and I'm sitting there with Marcelo's number in hand. Do I call? God, I'm so nervous, I have butterflies. Generally I follow the rule that the man is supposed to make the first call. I don't mind initiating the flirting or the exchanging of numbers, but I think the man should make the first move to call. Seeing as though I don't quite remember getting Marcelo's number, means I don't remember giving him mine, so now "the call" is on me if I want to see him again.

So here it goes, butterflies and all I pick up the phone. I start to dial the numbers and then put the phone to my ear..........nothing.
I hear nothing, no ringing.
"Hello?" My hearts pounding
"Hello, Marie?"
"Ya, hi, who's this?'
"It's Dave, from the other night, how are you?"

Shit, all that courage I'd built up, but happy (I guess) that Dave called. We talked for about 20 mins, very easy conversation with lots of laughing. I still couldn't help but have Marcelo in the back of my mind while talking to Dave. I did quite enjoy talking to him though, enough so that we made a date for Saturday night. We made a plan for him to pick me up here, dinner and then bowling, an original first date for me but sounds like a good time. Plans made, we hang up and now I'm staring at Marcelo's number again.

I have the courage again and phone Marcelo. Brief but okay conversation, not nearly as easy as the one I had just had with Dave. I felt like I was grasping at things to talk about, and that his attention was elsewhere. I was kind of relieved when the call had ended, but we now had plans to go out on a date Thursday night. I hope the conversation is a little better when we are face to face or it's going to make for a very long date!

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