Monday, September 27, 2010

He's Got The Moves

OMG, I am so hungover from Saturday night. It was my girlfriend Michelle's bachelorette party.  The old saying "liquor before beer your in the clear" did not hold true for me. I do have to say it was alot of fun, even though the last 2 hours of the night are a complete blur. I am pretty sure that bachelor/bachelorette parties are more for the friends than they are the people getting married.

We started off our fun filled evening with pole dancing lessons. I was a little embarrassed at first, but after a couple drinks I really got into the mood of things. It surprisingly is a really good work out, I am feeling muscles I never knew I had. But seriously, it was an awesome time and I felt kinda sexy doing some of those moves. I will have to keep those moves in my memory bank and break them out one night I might even have to invest in a pole. I can see how going to those lessons could really spark up your sex life.

After our pole dancing we went out for a late dinner, which was a little rowdy but alot of fun. Then we were on to the pub crawling, ending up at the busiest bar in town. I didn't feel quite so old that night, but honestly was feeling too good to give a shit. The place was crawling with hot guys. I like watching guys dance, I have a theory that if a guy is a good dancer than he must be really good in bed. That being said, you know what it means if you can't keep your rhythm on the dance floor. Dancing can make or break the guy, and I know alot of girls that feel that way. Sorry fella's, better brush up on your dance moves before you hit the club scene again!

So I am dancing away, and I notice this guy dancing. He is hot, I mean seriously hot, belongs in a magazine hot! And that boy has got the moves, and we all know what that means. My girlfriends were all talking about how hot he was and egging me on to go talk to him, and me having a little liquid courage, I walked right up and started hitting on him. We danced and talked. He was dark, and a nice body that was so muscular ( but not that over sized on juice muscular), and he had a bit of a spanish accent ( I'm a sucker for accents). Next thing you know I'm making out with this guy in the middle of the bar like I'm 14. Next thing I remember, my girlfriends are throwing me into a cab saying I am going home with them tonight. I didn't even give the guy my number, shit.

I wake up in the morning on my couch to the song "sweet caroline" blaring from my neighbors apartment. I can barely open my eyes due to the pounding headache I have. I do a quick inventory of myself - I'm alone, I am only wearing underwear and a bra, and I'm on the couch covered not by a blanket but by my winter coat?! How does this stuff happen to me? Then I see it. The name Marcelo and a number written on my arm. I did get his number! My day is starting to look up, now if I could just get off the couch.

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