Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do Looks Really Matter?

Friday! I LOVE Friday's! This is my first Friday off in 3 weeks and I feel like celebrating! I start off by heading out for a little retail therapy. Then it's off to spend the afternoon on a patio drinking Corona's with my girls, followed by a night out dancing the night away.

While sitting out at the patio I notice this guy noticing me. We keep making eye contact, and eventually he comes over to talk to me. He seems like a nice guy, and he's making me laugh which is a huge bonus (I like funny guys). It turns out he is a pharmaceutical rep, so we have a little bit in common with medical stuff. I can't help but notice him playing with his keys, which belong to a BMW, so that's a check. AND he's tall and has a nice body, BUT he's not that good looking. So here's my dilemma, first impressions are good and he gets a check in most of the boxes but the looks department. So where do I go from here? Our supper comes and "Dave" goes back to his friends. After we are done eating we decide to go back to Vikki's apartment to drink and get ready for our night out. I look over and Dave's friends are there and no Dave so we take off.

We are out at the club (I'm feeling pretty good) having an awesome time dancing and I feel a hand on my back, look up and it's Dave. I go over to the bar with him and we talk and he buys me a drink. He seems like a super nice guy and I think he must be "feeling good" too because he keeps touching me. The night comes to an end and he asks for my number and I give it to him. What I really want to do is invite him back to my place but my friend Becky is staying there and it's not a good idea tonight. I say goodnight to him and he gives me a kiss, which I give back. Becky and I walk home talking about the night, and of course Dave. I am pretty pumped at this point and hope he phones me.

Saturday morning I wake up and start remembering the day before. I can't quite recall what Dave looks like. Becky and I head out for some coffee and breakfast. I have to get her opinion on Dave, she says he was "alright". So now I'm worried, was this great guy not so great? Do my friends opinions matter that much? I am completely torn between wanting him to call and not wanting him to call. Wow, self realization that I could be a really shallow person. Do looks really matter? I decide I would rather him phone than not, so now I play the infamous waiting game.

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