Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do Cheesy Pick Up Lines Really Work?

Thursday night a couple of girls from work and myself decide to go out to a local pub. The pub was pretty crowded, mostly with university students, making me feel super old and a little self conscious. We grab our beer and push our way through the crowd looking for a spot to stand, and we luck out as a bunch of people were leaving a table, so we scooped that up.

The other girls I was with are quite attractive, so as a group we tend to attract our fair amount of male attention. We also all look a little different, so we are a variety pack. Me, I play the petite blonde in the group. We were approached by a few different groups of guys, chatted for a brief while and went back to our girl chat. I like hanging out with the girls, the no pressure to please, makes it very easy to have a good time.

The night was drawing to an end, most of the people in the bar were pretty sloppy at this point. We leave to grab a little street meat before heading home, and as per usual there are several groups outside hanging around. A group of semi attractive  guys come up and start with pick up lines. For me a super big turn off, it's ok if your being funny trying to break the ice but this one guy was totally serious and it was just one cheesy line after another. It was a big turn off for me and it ruined it for all his friends. My girlfriend Kelley though was giggling away like a school girl. Kelley is a very pretty girl and has no problem in the men department, so why was she going for this? In the end she gave him her number and was arranging a time to go out with him.

This leaves me with the question - do cheesy pick up lines really work?

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  1. Yes they work definitely. Especially if you have a variety of it.