Saturday, January 14, 2012

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Mind Your Manners

The date went...... okay.......I guess. Still not sure what to make of the whole night.

James picked me up. He actually showed up 10 mins early (big points for that) and brought me flowers ( I didn't think guys like that existed anymore). He was dressed nice, casual but looked great. He was wearing a nice pair of puma runners which I have to say was a turn on. A grown man wearing nice jeans with nice "sneakers" tells me that he doesn't take life to seriously and is fun. I'm big on shoes - deck shoes with tassels (you know the ones) = date over. Anyways, he was cute (just like his picture) and smelled awesome. He greeted me with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek.

He drove to the restaurant downtown. When we got there he had made a reservation which was impressive that he planned ahead. A before dinner drink, and then came the ordering of supper.

Waitress "How are you guys tonight?"

James "Yeah, get me..." Wow, maybe he didn't realize how rude that sounded or the look on her face.

Me "May I please have...... thank you" Trying to overcompensate for his lack of manners

With that James thrusts the menus at her and turns back towards me. Then he continues on with his pleasant conversation with me. She stands there for an extended moment before walking away and I'm thinking great, she's going to spit in our food. The rest of supper went well conversation wise. James was witty, funny and easy to talk to, but every time the waitress came back he was short with her and was completely absent of manners. Manners are a big deal to me, so big strike.

Then off to the comedy club. How could this be a bad thing, drinks and a laugh, what could go wrong. Well, James turned into this obnoxious heckler who kept yelling out, so embarrassing for me. Then his heckles become more and more rude, personally attacking the comedian, yet he still thought he was funny. The comedian asked me if I was his girlfriend and how I could put up with such an idiot. I could have crawled right under the table. When we left James was on a roll and even heckled a few people in the street, who is this guy?

We walked back to my place. Conversation and easy again. James went on to compliment me and tell me how great of a time he had and how he's like to do this again. We get to my place and he says "I'd invite my self in but I think more of you than to love you and leave you" and kisses me on the cheek. I say " who says I'd let you in?", and he says "trust me, you want me to come in" and with that he walks away. Wow.